Unsolicited quotes from real customers!



"The montage arrived on Monday, just one short week after the Nationals completed (wow!) and it is, as always, amazing! Every time I receive your photo projects on the special paper I am blown away by how you take my silver poodle and make him look just like his name implies, Sterling! I found myself just turning the print back and forth and staring at the jump photo -- the floating ears on that boy look just like molten silver. :) "
Lynn Kuefler


"I was absolutely blown away when I saw how beautifully you captured my Sheltie Banner. I'm sure you have heard this before but I will say it again anyway. You really have a gift at capturing these wonderful dogs as they play with their handlers. You manage to capture the special bond they have with their owners that without your photos might go unnoticed. Thanks to you that bond can be preserved forever."
Mike Dabrowski


"The photos are posted so fast after the trial. It is amazing, then we get our order in a few days. You must never sleep!"

Bonnie Clauss


"You are amazing!!!  I got Abby's montage less than a week after her trial...I LOVE IT!!!  What a great keepsake of Abby's First Agility Trial.  Thank you.  And thanks for the small copy, I am going to keep that one on my desk at work!"
Lee Ann Lippa


"I received my photos yesterday and they are AWESOME!  You were so kind to send me extra prints of my favorite of Roxy and me.  I was able to give my Mom one and she was so excited!  I can’t tell you how many times just in the last 24 hours I have looked at all of the prints and just smiled.  The quality of your pictures both in content and print is second to none!  Thanks again for being such a pleasure to work with.  I genuinely appreciate your fantastic gift for capturing great shots that truly reflect their personality and uniqueness.  Each picture is a work of art!  I look forward to seeing you at shows in the future."

Melissa Ellis


"Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job on my photos!  I really like how you took the leashes out and the special effects you accomplished to do that montage! No one would ever know that you moved Ariel closer to me! I like the dark shading around the oval head shots, too!  Thanks a million! You're an excellent photographer, and a kind person!"

Brenda Thompson


"Just received my mail today --- AWESOME!!!! They [montages 1 & 2] are absolutely beautiful! Both my husband and I are so impressed. Can't say enough about your work and professionalism--everything about doing business with you is so rewarding.  Also, thank you for the little copies of the montages....They were a wonderful unexpected surprise."

Bonne Karwat


"I usually walk over to the photographer stands, take a quick glimpse and then walk off. Then I looked at Barry's work from GSASA and I believe that I bought everything, or almost because it was so phenomenal.   Since he runs himself and is a dog trainer as well, I believe he has a different take on getting the photos. The detailing is superb and he captures the ‘life and personality’ of that dog in the photo... I became overwhelmed by seeing so much superb artistry.  It has been at least a year since I've purchased any photo from a Trial and *nothing* I have ever seen done of my dogs even holds a candle to Barry's stuff ~ and, I am out almost every weekend."

Grace Lossman


“I absolutely LOVE the final product!  Exquisite! The pictures online do no justice for the final, finished product!  The photo is MORE than I ever expected, and the special paper used just pushes it over the edge.  Absolutely amazing, just amazing!   Your pictures truly captured Hudson's personality and spirit to a T.  Again, your talent is remarkable, and I enjoy browsing through all of your work.  Thank you again for a terrific keepsake.”

Cheryl Gallowitz


"Barry, I just wanted to "Thank you" for the most beautiful throw I have ever seen! The quality of the materials you use are the best, the throw has a real feel to it. I personally am going to hang it on my quilt rack for all to see. Of course you made the Goldens look so real that for dinner I set 8 doggie dishes instead of 4! Frank said you were great to work with and are real conscientious about your product. We have purchased pictures in the past and were very happy but this, this is the most beautiful thing that I have seen! Thanks for helping Frank make my Christmas extra special!" 

Renee Heffelfinger


"I received the photos from Y2K9s CPE trial on Saturday. WOW. I thought the photos looked “nice” from the contact sheets and your web site, but they really don’t do them justice. That metallic, pearlescent paper you are using is really the icing on the cake, the photos really shimmer and they really DO look 3D. I’m hooked…!"

Kim Hauser


"It's been really difficult not to show the Hanukkah cards in advance of the holiday... I can't remember the last time I was this excited about sending out cards!!!"

Jody Applebaum


"I just had to tell you how thrilled I am with the [woven] throw you made of my IG PERI!  My friends gave it to me last weekend!  It is absolutely spectacular!   So many people came to my tent to admire it and ask where I got it made.  I was glad to tell them it was you.  Thanks again for such a terrific product!"

Patti Campbell


“The enlarged art print of Brady is stunning!  You certainly have captured his passion for agility! And of course, all the photos are beautiful.  Your work is excellent, as is your service.”

Bonnie Ovnicek


"I just wanted to thank you very much for all the effort you put into Duncan's pictures.  You are very big on customer service and I like that.  It's hard to find these days."

Joyce Ferris


 “I received the prints and I LOVE them. They are fantastic! I’ve work with other photographers before and I have to say, you’re tops! The quality is excellent, it’s cropped just as I wanted, delivered quickly and I love your personal touch.”

Sybille Miller


"Just wanted to say that the GSASA photos look great!  You got some terrific shots!...I just received my photo. I need to tell you that the quality is EXCEPTIONAL--- the best I've seen so far."

Diane Leveille


 “I received the montages in the mail yesterday and I’m bursting with pride.  I immediately ran out and got frames and am showing them off shamelessly.  …I love the soft mossy green background that you picked – it’s so complementary! Can’t wait until I see you at another match! And thanks again!!”

Helen Ackley


"Just received my montage of Penny---PERFECTION...AGAIN!!!  Thank so much, such a pleasure doing business with you.  You attention to detail always impresses me."

Bonne Karwat


"Received the photos of AJ today and they're wonderful. Thanks so much for the time and trouble you took [editing] them to get them looking so great -- and I love the paper you use. I'm so proud of everything this little guy has done and the photos reflect his determination."

Lorraine Pelter 


"Thanks for all you have done.  I really appreciate your care with my photos and your obvious desire to keep the quality of your product so high.  It means a lot to me." 

Pat Cochran


"Received the cards yesterday.  They're the nicest I've seen and really do look 3 dimensional.  Most of the ones people send me from their own photos can't compare.  Thanks for the prompt service, and I'll see you at the trials!"

Linda Wood


"The photos of Connor are awesome! I can't believe how quickly you got them up on your website and then how quickly they got to me. They got here on Saturday which I couldn't believe--just in time to show them to everybody at class tonight. Great quality, too. Thank you very much!"
Abby Wright


"I got the cards today.....they are beautiful....in all the years I have been sending "photo cards" these are by far the best....you are a true professional and I appreciate all the effort you put in both taking the pictures and delivering a beautiful product."

Diane Renaldo


"You did your job so well, I wasn't even aware of your presence while running! Sometimes we trip over the photographers."

Nancy Beach


"The work you put into that montage is absolutely spectacular!  I noticed you did more airbrushing in the 'carousel' pic, and removed the pole from under Hudson.  I am absolutely awed over the airbrushing you did in the pictures!  Love the background, nice contrast. Absolutely perfect.  Thanks for putting up with me:)  I wish you were at more agility trials tho, b/c other photographers don't hold a candle to your work."

Cheryl Gallowitz


“One thing I am so impressed with you is that your work is great and you are very quick with getting the photos etc. out quickly. Great work and super service, what more could a customer want!!!”

Marie McDermitt