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Price List

All photos are printed on high gloss photo paper unless you specifically request matte (lustre) prints.


4x6 Print…...………….......…..…..... $ 8 -- $ 4 each add'l of SAME image

5x7 Print……………………....…...… $16 -- $12 each add'l of SAME image

8x10 Print ……………………..……. $25 -- $15 each add'l of SAME image

8x12 Print ……...……………….…..  $35 -- $20 each add'l of SAME image

11x14 Print ……….…………….......  $50 -- $35 each add'l of SAME image

16x20 Print ……….……………....… $75 -- $50 each add'l of SAME image

Add $6 Postage/Handling to all regular print orders.

Custom Montages

Custom 8x10 Montage (3-4 photos*)..$60 -- $25 each add'l of SAME montage

Custom 11x14 Montage (3-4 photos*)..$75 --  $35 each add'l of SAME montage

Custom 16x20 Montage (3-4 photos*)..$100  -- $60 each add'l of SAME montage

* Additional images may be added for $15 per image.

Mini Posters - these are photos with borders and captions, with added protective coating and mounted on matboard.




View Print Samples                View Montage Samples            View Mini Poster Samples

Laminated Plaques: Single- and 2-Layered Plaques:  See LAMINATION PRICING

Woven Items

Full Size Woven Throws 69" x 54"..... $189 and up (plus $15 s/h)

“Mini” Throws 35" x 54"..... $129 (plus $15 s/h)

Gallery-Wrapped Woven Wall Tapestry 30" x 24"... $189 (plus $25 s/h) - Larger tapestries available

Woven Totes and Pillows... $109 and up (plus $15 s/h)

View Woven Throw Samples                     View Woven Tapestry Samples

View Woven Tote/Pillow Samples

Other Items

CD Clocks: $40

View CD Clock Samples

Ceramic Mugs: $35 (black or white) with 2 photos;  $22 each additional of SAME mug design

View Sample Mug Designs

Mousepads: $25 with single photo or existing montage; with new 3-4 photo montage: $60

License Plates: $25 

Photo Pendants: $45 and up

View Photo Pendant Options

Specialty products shipping may be additional.

 Custom Vehicle Window Screens: Price depends on vehicle window size

 View Window Screen Samples


Prices shown do not include applicable sales tax.


Other gift items (greeting cards, canvas art prints, etc.) are also available.

View Greeting/Note Cards and Calendars Samples  


How to Order:

I DO NOT use an online order form.  I prefer to have direct contact with my customers.

Simply e-mail barry@barryrosen.com or call 845 265-7645

I need: 1) your name       2) mailing address      3) phone number

4) picture numbers (below the image), quantity, size and any special editing requests*

(e.g. leave handler in, etc.  I always crop for best composition anyway). 

* For montages, specify the dog's name and other text you'd like. I do the layout and e-mail you a proof.

PLEASE NOTE:  All photos are printed on Kodak's gloss metallic paper unless you specifically request matte prints.

Payment by Check (preferred).  Paypal,  or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) 

**For credit cards, call or email me with the following: credit card number, expiration date, 3-or 4-digit security code, and the billing zip code

Paypal: my Paypal account is: barry@barryrosen.com

To Calculate: Total Order plus $6* S/H (for regular prints) x 8.375% sales tax

(Yes, tax is charged on shipping, too.  Sorry...)

*Shipping for specialty items (mugs, woven items, laminated plaques) is extra.

Mail checks to:  Barry Rosen, 31 Har-Mil Drive, Cold Spring, NY 10516-1100

(Checks returned for insufficient funds will be subject to a $35 bank service charge)

All work is absolutely, positively 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Purchasing Digital Images

Digital images are cropped and edited for best composition.

Without print purchase, a Web Ready JPEG File is $15.  With purchase of 5"x7" print or larger, the Web Ready file is $10.

    Web ready images are 100 PPI (Pixels per Inch) suitable for web posting, e-mailing or computer viewing. Standard monitor resolution is about 100 dpi, so it is a waste of upload time and server space to use high resolution files. 

A Medium Resolution JPEG file is $25.

    Medium resolution images are 150 PPI and may be used for web posting, email or computer viewing, and can be used to print small photos

A High Resolution JPEG File is $40. The Web Ready file of that image is also included.

    High resolution images are 300 PPI used for printing photos 8"x10" or larger.


"Who owns the purchased images?  Are there limits to usage?"

Digital images are equivalent to the old film negatives (yes, some of us used film once upon a time!).  Contrary to some people's beliefs, ownership and copyright of purchased digital images remain with the photographer.  I give permission for my customers to post their digital files on personal, noncommercial or nonprofit organization websites providing proper photo credit appears with the image.  Digital files may never be re-sold or used for commercial (for profit) print or online publication without prior written approval.     

In any case, I ask that all my images used for publication (print or online) come from digital files rather than scanned images because of color inconsistencies and the loss of quality on scanned images.  Scanning photos without the photographer's approval is considered copyright infringement and is illegal.

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