ASCA NATIONALS - Agility, October 14-16, 2015 - Barry Rosen Photography


The online photos from this event are “As Shot,” direct from the camera. The dust and backlighting was horrible in the outside arena, often creating a bright haze in the photos. And when the weather was cloudy or daylight turned to evening or nighttime, the facility lights created an artificial color effect on almost every photo. Although they appear white to the naked eye, those lights cycle through three colors: red, yellow and blue. When the shutter is depressed, the camera sensor captures the light somewhere in that cycle, creating a red, yellow, or blue tint in that image. The same image shot only tenths of a second apart might look very different. As the outside natural light gets brighter, that color variation isn’t as noticeable.

I WILL CORRECT THE COLOR, CROP AND BRIGHTEN EVERY PURCHASED IMAGE. So please don’t worry if your dog appears too far away or too dark or light.                                        --Barry


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